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Is White Label CBD Manufacturing Right For Your Business?

Are you thinking about using white label CBD products to help your business? Learn about why so many business are interested in white label CBD manufacturing.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is the new hot trend for wellness in the world of health supplements. It’s proponents gush about its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

For those interested in its health benefits, there are oils, capsules, tablets, candies and more. Some entrepreneurs are adding CBD to creams, lotions, and cosmetics. Still others are concentrating on CBD for pets.

Just who is making all of these products? White label CBD manufacturing is the way most people look to grow their business. Clean, high-volume and hygienic, it’s a clear step up to a professional presence.

Read on to learn more.

What is White Label CBD Manufacturing?

White label manufacturing is when a specialized product manufacturer creates products for a seller’s own branding. “White label” refers to the fact that the seller can add their own label. In many cases, the product manufacturer produces goods for many different sellers, just under different labels.

The products could be identical. An example would be the familiar Trader Joes Roasted Almonds, Wonderful Brand Roasted Almonds, and Flanigan Farms Premium Roasted Almonds. All three come from the same packing plant.

Other than the packaging, the products are similar. What differentiates them is the size of the almond, or grade of the almond, and the design of the package.

Why Not Develop and Manufacture For Yourself?

It’s all a question of scale. Unless you have infinite capital and patience, you will outgrow your own facilities –your kitchen or garage– pretty quickly. You will need to formulate and produce CBD products far faster than homemade.

Is your product the same every time? You want every batch you sell to have a certain potency and purity. It is extremely difficult to get a consistent product without professional testing and strict manufacturing guidelines.

Few marketers and merchants have CBD manufacturing experience. Often there are hidden pitfalls or protocols (such as for food, nutritional supplements or cosmetics) that must be navigated.

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer

Choosing someone to do your white label CBD manufacturing is a high-stakes decision. An established general manufacturer might produce a terrific product for your label, but might also be selling their own competing product. Other outlets might produce good CBD products but be unable to give you decent profit margins.

Choose the right manufacturer to balance your needs. Start by doing your homework. This means having a very clear idea of your product or formula BEFORE you start looking. This is especially true of CBD products, as they straddle some of the strictest regulations in the U.S.

Before you are ready to find a manufacturer, arm yourself with your requirements on ingredients, packaging, and schedule. This includes knowing your product name, flavors, package size and potency, competition, etc. If you have special requirements, like gluten-free, vegan or kosher certification, know those too.

What to Look For in a White Label Manufacturer

The finished product, product details, and documentation are all important. Does your white label manufacturer offer full services? Do they have a full research and development program? A full portfolio of products just waiting for your label? Will they help design your label or packaging design?

Shifting manufacturing from small homemade batches to a professional manufacturing plant does not relieve you of the responsibility to make your product as advertised. You owe your customers the same or better quality as the anything you make at home.

Look for your white label manufacturer to have:

  • A license to operate, issued by the local health department or Dept. of Agriculture
  • Certification if operating under a food or cosmetic safety program
  • Insurance certificate including product liability coverage of $1mm – $5mm
  • Evidence of health inspection and report
  • Lab for standard microbiology and chemical testing (third party and/or in-house)
  • HAACP compliant date code, plant identifier, batch number and manufacturing log
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Proper work habits- hair and beard covers, shoe covers, gloves, lab coats, etc.

Shifting manufacturing to another party does not make you less liable if something goes wrong. Make sure to ask questions until you understand all aspects of production.

Special Considerations for CBD

The June 2018 approval of CBD drug Epilodex opens up some questions regarding claims that may be made about CBD as well as its continued use as a nutritional supplement. Cosmetic use continues, however, claims of purity and potency are increasingly under scrutiny.

Manufacturers of CBD tinctures, salves, oils and other products should be prepared to show the origin of their product and be able to prove any claims of purity or efficacy. Advertising or claiming the presence of CBD must be verifiable. Several products tested by the FDA in 2017 were found to have little or no CBD as claimed.

Products derived from industrial hemp continue to operate in a legal gray area, but sporadic FDA enforcement is a danger to business.

A Reliable Source

CB Sciences was established in 2018 to provide marketers and resellers white label CBD manufacturing services. As a premier white label CBD manufacturer and contract packing company, it specializes in CBD nutritional products, salves oils, and soft gels. The company makes no direct to consumer sales.

We provide solutions for resellers that want to participate in the hemp-derived CBD market. We offer full services including merchandising support, ongoing research, and development, and other ancillary services. We source only the best, natural, U.S. organically grown hemp products.

CB Science is committed to building a reputation for purity, research, and stringent processes. Our products are known for their potency, consistency, and effectiveness.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you market your own brand-name CBD oil tinctures, soft gels, salves, and isolates.