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So, you’ve entered the competitive world of retail CBD sales.

Good choice. It’s a fast-growing market with lots of room for expansion. But have you figured out where you’ll be getting your CBD from? In this industry, you can’t afford to compromise quality.

Don’t assume you have to make all your own products from scratch to be able to put your own name and label on them. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars buying wholesale crates of someone else’s product, either.

When you partner with a company that makes white label products, you save money and keep your brand recognition. But that’s not all. To learn why it’s time your CBD business invest in white label products, keep reading.

What Does White Label Mean?

A white label manufacturer creates products for other companies to rebrand and sell as their own.

In the case of CBD products, this means ordering batches of CBD tincture, capsules, or balms straight from the warehouse. White label products come directly from where they’re made so you can put your label on them.

This is different from the wholesale process. Before you buy wholesale, the manufacturer sells to a distributor. The distributor puts their company name on everything, marks up the price, and you buy someone else’s brand in bulk from a sales coordinator.

Buying white label instead of wholesale puts creative control back into your hands. You get to communicate with the product designer directly. You get to design your label and set your own profit margins.

Most importantly, buying white label instead of wholesale cuts out the middleman. You get your products faster, and you get to keep all the money you would have shared with a wholesale distributor.

Increase Your Brand Visibility

According to Harvard Business School, 95% of our purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. Your brand recognition is one of the biggest factors in a customer’s decision to invest in your product.

As a white label business, we want you to be able to keep that valuable brand recognition. We create high-quality products for you to attach your brand to so your customers receive the best from a name they trust.

You’ve worked hard to cultivate your brand image. With white label products, you get to spend more time and effort on great customer service and pulling in repeat business.

It’s fine. We love doing all the grunt work and letting you take the credit for it. You’re welcome.

We’re Obsessed with Quality

The FDA has not yet stepped in to regulate CBD product standards.

This is mostly because cannabis is still illegal on the federal level. As a result, some hemp oil manufacturers leave in more THC than they’re willing to admit. That’s not us.

A study published last year showed 70% of CBD products sold online weren’t being honest with their labeling. Most contained way less hemp oil than promised on the outside while some included too much. Worst of all, 1 in 5 products contained more residual THC than advertised.

As a white label CBD oil manufacturer, we take pride in our thorough laboratory testing. We test and document all our white label products on-site at our warehouse with no additional cost to you.

In fact, we can offer our standard lab testing as a stand-alone service for any product you want to send to us. We want to help you make sure you can trust the labels on all the hemp oil products you buy.

Adopt One or All of Our White Label Products

The best part of working with a white label manufacturer is being able to keep your options open.

You can choose to put your name on one or more of the products we offer:

  • CBD oil tinctures
  • soft gels
  • salve
  • crystals and isolate
  • CBD products for animals

Since we don’t have the same minimum order requirements as a wholesale distributor, you can customize your orders.

Say for example you already have a good relationship with the creator of your CBD soft gels already. Not a problem! We’re happy to provide you with salves, tinctures, or isolate instead.

You’ll also be able to supplement existing product verticals with products from us. Want to expand the products you offer in your pet department? Check out our CBD animal products right here.

When you order white label CBD products, you get to be your own distributor. You get to fit these products into your own sales goals and larger marketing plan. If those goals change, so can your orders.

Save Time and Money

Buying white label takes the burden of product design and manufacturing off your shoulders.

You get to spend your time doing what you do best–running your business and engaging with your customers. You don’t have to concern yourself with formula development or quality assurance checks. We do all that in-house for you.

In fact, if you’re a new entrepreneur, we can put your logo on these white label products with our own stickers if you need. We know how challenging it is to run your first (or second, or third) business. That’s why we’ve developed an end-to-end service that saves you as much time and money as possible.

By cutting out a third party brand/distributor, you get your products shipped to you much faster. Most while label orders will make it to you within two weeks of ordering. Restocking sold out products has never been easier.

Leave the Fees and Testing to Us

We work hard to constantly improve the way we make our products, and to stay compliant with all industry regulations.

If running a business in the barely legal CBD industry was easy, everyone would be doing it. The government has thrown the most legal pitfalls at businesses growing and refining cannabis products. Just a few small mistakes on tax paperwork could put a hemp oil manufacturer in hot water with the IRS.

Lucky for you, we’ve been doing this for quite a while. You can rest assured we stay on top of registration with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We handle the complicated tax regulations, fees, and licensing required to create CBD oil products so you don’t have to.

By outsourcing product development to us, that’s one less stack of paperwork you ever have to worry about. And if any of your customers have questions or feedback about our white label products, we’ve got the documentation ready for you.

Getting into the CBD oil sales industry doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to be a hemp oil extraction scientist or have your masters in product development. We’ve got a roster of fully developed hemp oil products already waiting for you.

The CBD Business Is Booming

Selling CBD products has become a multi-billion dollar industry with no signs slowing down.

On June 25th, the FDA approved the use of oral CBD medication to treat epilepsy in children. Doctors have already been prescribing CBD oil for cancer patients struggling with radiation therapy. Scientists hope to do much more research on the benefits of CBD as soon as the government changes its drug classification.

Beyond treating diseases, CBD oil is a great vegan alternative for popular ingredients in beauty products. For example, Milk Makeup has started replacing the beeswax in their mascara with CBD oil.

There’s clearly a need for CBD sales whether you’re selling directly to consumers or offering hemp oil B2B. Don’t let the high cost of manufacturing and wholesale ordering keep you from taking advantage of this blossoming industry.

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There are plenty of reasons to transition your CBD business to white label products.

To recap:

  1. You save money by cutting out a third party distributor
  2. You get to put your own brand name and logo on all the products you order
  3. You get your orders shipped faster because they come straight from our warehouse to you
  4. We have much smaller minimum order requirements than your average wholesaler
  5. We stay on top of quality assurance and state regulations so you can focus on the parts of your business that matter most to you
  6. We promise transparent laboratory testing of everything we ship to you
  7. You can get your entire inventory from us or supplement the products you get elsewhere with some of our selection

For even more information on why you should be switching to white label distribution today, see more posts on our blog.

To get in contact with us about making your first order, click here.